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Bermuda Grass

Worrying about your high BMI???
No time to take care about ur health???
Hard to get up in the morning ???

All used to say walking,running blah blah blah.


There are many simple ways to do that.

One of the easiest way im going 2 explain. No sweat, no exercise nothing.

1. Get up early in the morning (around 9AM) :D
2. Brush
3. Take 3 spoon of bermuda grass powder mix it with 500ml of water.
4. Stir well.
5. You could see a greenish red liquid.
6. Close your eyes, open your mouth.
7. Before the taste reaches your brain finish the liquid.
8. Just do it for 30 days. Really you could see a great change.

Do it regularly. Even i have started. If possible comments are appreciated.
Note: Do it as a routine for a best output.
Bermuda grass will be available in all  general stores.
Near my place 100gm - just 8/- rupees