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Visit to shiridi (5th Nov 2010)

Hello Everyone,
Nov 5th is deepavali. On account of that I and other two friends decided to visit shiridi sai baba manthir. Here I’ll share the experience with you people.
 Two of my colleagues / friends (Julius and cheran chengutavan) with a glass in the hand (filled with tea) decided to go shiridi and meet sai baba. Time is 7:28 PM. With the help of justdial service we got 5 different numbers for booking a cab. Within a minute or so an incoming call from XXXXX cab service and we booked a cab (indica) @ 9 PM for shiridi. We were happy and started to drink (remaining tea) again.
Mean time we were getting ready. Again a call came. This time it is the cab driver and im attending the call. He started to talk in hindi. I gave the mobile to Julius (team lead of this team) and he gave a big smile (even he doesn’t understand hindi). Only hero is cheran. Driver and cheran stated to talk as time went the conversation was turning like a fight. The reason is, cab driver’s wife is also willing to vi…