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Use your Calculator as a Browser

Hey People,

When you can use web browser as a calculator (even for complex calculation) why not calculator perform web browser's job?


But calculator cant do that directly. But there is an option from calculator.
Following simple options will explain that.

(To know how does a web browser works as calculator please click here)

1. Go to Run option.

2. From run option type "calc".

3. On Help option select Help Topics.

4. Now right click and you should find "Jump to URL" as show below.

5. Type any valid  URL.
5. Here it is!!!!!!!!

Use your Browser Address Bar as a Calculator


Its another wonderful day here. In spite of those recent three blasts, people here at Mumbai started their routine on the very next day and i'm one among them.

Well today i happen to read some interesting blogs and thought to share it here.

I was surprised to see that our web browser can do the calculator job!!!!
After checking this first word was WOW!!!

Yeah really.
I tried with Google chrome. On the address bar i was typing 9+1. Suggestion was 10


Even complex calculation can be performed with javascript.
cool isn't it??
so finally WOW again. Meet u soon on next discovery!!

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