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Tamil lyrics in Chammak Challoo -> is this a marketing strategy

The newly released Ra-One's Chammak Chalo song has Tamil lyrics in it.

Actually it's really hard for a tamilan to figure it out. Still many people did. And my friend is one among that, many people. (Discrete mathematics, 3 attempts)

Here are those lines,

ennai thottal un ullathai norukka mattiyo
என்னை  தொட்டால்  உன்  உள்ளதை  நொறுக்க  மாட்டியோ!
(wont your soul crush wen you touch me)

ennai pola pennai pathu, mayanga mattiyo
என்னை  போல்   பெண்ணை  பார்த்து , மயங்க  மாட்டியோ!
(wont you be mesmerized when you see a girl like me)

kannil kannai pootivittal, sirikka mattiyo
கண்ணில்  கண்ணை  பூட்டிவிட்டால் , சிரிக்க  மாட்டியோ!
(wont you smile, when our eyes make contact)

ennil unnai serthu vittal ottikka maattiyo
என்னில்  உன்னை  சேர்த்து  விட்டால்  ஓட்டிக்க  மாட்டியோ
(wont you just stick to me if we come close) 

After hearing and enjoying those lines, then i realized that it might be a marketing strategy to release this movie in tamil nadu.

Because people in tamilnadu doesn't like to wat…