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Transportation in Shillong

It can be classified into two major types
(1)Public transport
(2)Private transport

Meghalaya government runs different varieties of vehicles for mobility. It even includes one of the oldest TATA vehicle which will have engine at the front like old lorries. And the body of the bus is made of wood. I haven’t boarded this bus as it feels unsafe.
Next they have these modern days TATA morcopolo (Shillong Public transport service) and mini van (Shillong supplementary public transport service). In most of the public transport they are not at all giving any tickets. Even people don’t care to ask for ticket as he charges less price without ticket; we insisted for ticket and he gave us.

Private transport includes taxis like Maruthi 800, Alto and few Alto 800 cars. They also come in reserved and sharing mode. In sharing mode you can see upto 6 people inside alto.

One thing you can observe irrespective of public or private transport is the driver will switch off the engine whenever they see down steep …

Food in Meghalaya

Majority of Meghalaya dishes are non-vegetarian. Their major food is with pork, chicken etc., Since we are vegetarians we have not tasted. For veg only few options are left but it is good.

For breakfasts local people mostly eat poori-sabji, paratha-sabji, bread-omelet, jalebi, sooji, tea, coffee.

We liked veg momos very much. I have tried it in Bangalore but momos in Shillong tastes different and so good. Also we tried vegetable chops, it is like a cutlet but it is deep fry. Samosa and puff are available. They call samosa as Singara and puff as pop.

It is their custom to have betel leaf and betel nut after every meal. The kashi people always have bettle leaf and nut with them and have it often. Even we can see many road side shops which sells betel leaf and nuts. The nuts are called as sopla in local language.

We tried following restaurant and are good
(1)Hotel City hub – ambience and varieties of food is good, you can try some dish in Bamboo shoot which is Naga/Burmese food
(2)Hotel Broadw…

Trip to Umiam lake

It is day 5 of our stay in Shillong. We planned to visit Ward’s lake in Shillong. After reaching Ward’s lake we came to know that every Tuesday it is closed. Without knowing what to do, we opened our trip advisor app and came to know about Umiam water sports complex.

After seeing about the place in trip advisor we headed towards Megalaya tourism department in Police Bazaar (which is near Madras cafĂ©) and inquired how we can reach that place. The people in megalaya tourism are very helpful. They told us it is in Guwahati road and asked us to go to the end of GS Road in Shillong where we can find plenty of sumo services. From Police Bazaar we went to BaraBazzar from there to Motphran and then to Garikhana; some 15 to 20 mins walk in busy roads of Shillong. In Garikhana you can find lots of sharing jeep services (either TATA sumo or Mahindra Maxx). Here is where you can find yellow painted sumo vehicle and the fare is very cheap. Normal capacity of sumo is 9 but here even though 10 people…

Trip to Mawlynnong

Day 3:
It is third day of our trip and we planned to visit Living root bridge and Mawlynnong. The Megalaya tourism didn’t provide tourist bus to this place instead they offer only reserved vehicle which will be costly. So we hired local taxi.
It will be some 3 hours journey and it is better to have breakfast in Shillong only as there is no good restaurant on the way. On our way there is a beautiful view point called Rngain view point, so we stopped the vehicle and took few snaps. First we went to Living Root Bridge in Riwai village, there are lots of living root bridge in Megalaya but this is the nearest one from Shillong. Since it is winter there is not much of water flowing below the bridge so we went down and took lots of photographs. It was an amazing work done by kashi tribal people to build a natural bridge which will take centuries to see the result.

After that we went to Mawlynnong which earned the distinction as the cleanest village in Asia. This village has 100% literacy and th…

Sightseeing in Meghalaya

Day 1:
It is better to book a day package through megalaya tourism department. They have varieties of package. First day we didn’t know about that, so we booked a private taxi for local sightseeing. We went to
      (1)Cathedral church
 (     2)Hydari park (nothing much inside except play areas for children and few animals)       (3)Elephant falls a.It is a nice waterfalls very near to the city. Since we went on December the flow of water is very less. Apart from the waterfall, we spent more time in dressing up ourselves in Kashi tribal attire. Yes, there is a shop where we can rent Kashi dress with all accessories for Rs50/- and can take as much photo as we want. This was a real fun there.

(      4)Shillong peak a.It is the highest peak point in the state and we get a complete view of the city. Don’t forget to take a panoramic photo here. It was lunch time and we were hungry; in the near by shop they serves poori-sabji, rice-dal, maggi, pakora, cut fruits, chai. Even here there was a shop t…

Trip to North East India - Day 1

I and Venkatesh planned for North East trip and we decided on Shillong in Meghalaya state.

Travel date : 25th December'2014 to 02nd January 2015

We started from Bangalore Airport in SpiceJet. If you would like to have food in Bangalore Airport the best place is the Airport canteen which is just outside the Departure terminal, here you will get quality food at reasonable price. Inside departure terminal all foods are very costly. There won’t be any signage for canteen, please ask some people. And one note, if you enter the departure terminal you cannot get out for any reason.

We reached Guwahati airport around 3:15pm though the actual time to land is 2:45pm. Guwahati airport is very small and it is far from the City (around 25 km). Inside the airport you can find counter for Arunachal Pradesh state tourism, cab booking, hotels etc.
Once you are coming out of the airport, cab drivers will surround you for taxi. Be careful, they may charge high price. We took a private a/c bus which was …