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Father of Pythagoras theorem is "Bothayanaar's theorem"

If we dig into India's history, many unbelievable things are been taken out. For instance, we all know  Pythagoras theorem

c2 = a2 + b2. (c square = a square + b square)

if a = 5 and b = 12

=5*5 + 12*12
= √ 169
= 13
c = 13

a2 + b2 = c2

9*9 + b2 = 15*15
81 + b2 = 225
b2 = 144
b = √144
b = 12

This is know to all. Now a Tamil poet has written this algorithm like a poem.

"ஓடும் நீளம் தனை ஒரேஎட்டுக்கூறு ஆக்கி கூறிலே ஒன்றைத்தள்ளி குன்றத்தில் பாதியாய்ச் சேர்த்தால்வருவது கர்ணம் தானே"

Notable words:

ஓடும் நீளம் = Longest side
ஒரேஎட்டுக்கூறு = 8 parts
தள்ளி = subtract
பாதி = half

This poem is summarised as follows

c= (a - a/8) + (b/2)
c= (a - a/8) + (b/2)
= 4-(4/8) + (3/2)
= 5
It seems to be perfect. No square root required. Though it seems to be perfect it is not accurate. See more examples below.
 a = 24 b = 7 c= (a - a/8) + (b/2)
= 24-(24/8) + (7/2)
= 24.5 c= 24.5 ≠ 25
 a = 15  b = 8 c= (a - a/8) + (b/2)
= 15-(15/8) + (8/2)
= 17.125 c= 17.125 ≠ 17

The above two examples clearly shows that t…

Ayodhya - Place to visit our INDIAN ARMY.

Last week Apirl 14 2012, me and my friends happen to visit ayodhya.  I would say it as a must visit city. Look and feel of the city is like any other Indian city. I don’t want to go much on that.
Now it’s the time to explain about my experience inside the complex. Since it is a sensitive city there were local police and armed forces all around. Nearing the complex you will feel that as if you were at the border. Once you enter into the complex you are not permitted to wear watches belts and any electronic devices. Even you can’t carry a comb wit you.
            You have to travel through a covered fence till dharshan. Fences are covered in such a way that only your finger will get through. And there were at least five check points. In these check points you are completely checked - COMPLETELY. During checking a staple pin is with you, you are rejected. You have to get out, throw the pin out side the complex and then you have to join the queue again.
            After forty minute…