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Trip to Kedarnath from Chennai (Day 1)

I always love travelling. Travel and me is a better love story than most of the GV films. Not a great fan of spiritual tours but this trip is unique and it will be always close to my heart. Here i take this opportunity to share my Kedarnath trip to you all. If you find any grammatical mistake, please be informed that my mother tounge is TAMIL. 

One fine sunday afternoon, call from an unknown number. Its none other than our great photographer Ramesh Muthaian on the other side. (I've no idea how many more number i need to save in his name). After few minutes of Mokkai chat he told that he and his friends are planning to go to Kedaram (Kedarnath). When he mentioned as Spiritual trip, i was half lost. And when he concluded the destination i was too excited. Immediately agreed for the plan and booked our tickets. 

After the call the flight tickets were ₹6700 for Chennai to Delhi (to n fro) and we ended up in buying the ticket for ₹8500 due to delay we made. Also i was not 100% confide…