Ayodhya - Place to visit our INDIAN ARMY.

Last week Apirl 14 2012, me and my friends happen to visit ayodhya.  I would say it as a must visit city. Look and feel of the city is like any other Indian city. I don’t want to go much on that.

Now it’s the time to explain about my experience inside the complex. Since it is a sensitive city there were local police and armed forces all around. Nearing the complex you will feel that as if you were at the border. Once you enter into the complex you are not permitted to wear watches belts and any electronic devices. Even you can’t carry a comb wit you.

            You have to travel through a covered fence till dharshan. Fences are covered in such a way that only your finger will get through. And there were at least five check points. In these check points you are completely checked - COMPLETELY. During checking a staple pin is with you, you are rejected. You have to get out, throw the pin out side the complex and then you have to join the queue again.

            After forty minutes we reached a place where you could see a board written as darshan with a right arrow. It was approx 50m away from the queue cage. There was a small tent in which few idols were kept. And that’s the temple.  (I don’t know why terrorist are more interested in attacking this temple)
            Dharshan was over and I saw many armies in that place. Now I was little nervous because i thought to talk with an army officer. Took a deep breath and went near an officer (edge of the cage) and greeted an officer.

Me: HI
Me: (saluted) Thanks for protecting us from enemies.
AO: (Happy face) I see lacks of people daily who doest even have a minute to talk with us, but you had. Thank you (salutes in an informal way)
(After hearing this a small tear in my eyes and a very big smile in my face)
(He continued)
AO: So where are you from?
Me: An INDIAN with tamil as my mother tongue. Basically from south tamilnadu and working as software engineer at lucknow. (Since it was too crowded I could stand there for a long time. He was happy and I said see you again and moved)

What he said was correct. We people don’t have a minute to spend with our army who protects us from enemies (every day). This was a proud moment for me to be congratulated by an army officer. And I was too excited that I spoke with an INDIAN ARMY OFFICER for the first time in these 25 years.  I was unable to give a shake had because it was fully covered. Really, un lucky at that spot. And we did not share our names because we had a common name INDIANS. Then I realized that in this way we can make our army people happy and giving a notification that we Indians are behind them with true patriotism.

            As far as im considered they are the real lord RAM. I went to see an idol of Lord RAM but I saw many living Lords (Lord RAM) with Indian army uniform who protects us from enemies all the time.

So I would request you all INDIANS (all religion) to go to that complex and get the dharshan of our Lords. Talk with them. Spend more minutes with them.

They don’t want

  1. Our vote
  2. Our money
  3. Our wealth
  4. Our language
  5. Our religion

All they want is OUR SUPPORT.

We support our cricketers. We cry for the whole day if they got injured. We know the full details about of our actor/actress who improves their wealth alone. Next day on papers like Time Now gives the update of the actor / actress who had sex last night. We are more interested to see poonam pandey. We waste milk on rajinikanth’s cut-out. We are always jealous on fellow Indian for various reasons.

Enough. Let’s stop this shit.

Do we know:

What he did for nation?
His soul still roams in the border?
Any other army name who is fighting (even today) for us?
Our navy officers name?
At least their chief name?
Our IAF officers name?


SHAME on US! x-(


Respect our army.


(Excuse me for grammatical mistake if any)


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