08:50 AM: Welcome Note

09:00 AM to 09:30 AM: Inaugural Keynote
Mobile VAS : The Next Internet Opportunity (For Indian Apps Developers and Entrepreneurs to Make their Mark on the Global Stage).
Speaker: Arvind Rao, Chairman, CEO and Co-founder, OnMobile

09:30 AM to 10.15 AM: PANEL DISCUSSION.Mobile applications explode. Who wins and who loses?
Major shifts are changing the game including open platforms and new entrants. What's different, what has changed? Why is everyone interested in mobile? Is the app craze a fad or will it continue? How will different companies reposition themselves within this environment? This Panel will discuss about "the ecosystem battle for developers (and their consumers)" and how it affects every player in the mobile ecosystem -- from carriers and handset makers to the application developers, themselves. More importantly, is now the right time to make it really big in mobile.
Dilip R Mehta, IIM Bangalore, Ex-MD RPG Cellular and HMV Saregama
Amit Mehta, Head,Sales and Marketing, VAS, SDP and Mobility Group, TCS
Taranjit Batra,Vice President, Sales, Kirusa

10.15AM to 10.45 AM: Keynote
Developing New age Mobile Applications and Taking to Market .
Speaker: Prakash Sayini,Forum Nokia India Lead

10.45AM to 11.00 AM:
Coffee/Tea & Networking Break

11.00AM to 11:30 AM: Keynote
Sun Startup Essentials Program : What's in it for Startups ?
Speaker: Bakshish Dutta, General Manager - Startups and Emerging Markets, Sun Microsystems India

JAVAFX™ Technology: The Expressive Platform for all the screens of your life
Speaker: Praveen Mohan, Evangelist, Java and JavaFX technologies, Sun Microsystems

11:30 AM to 12.15 PM: PANEL DISCUSSION: Carriers and handset makers want a piece, too: Where will they go?
The app store is mobile's "new black." As new applications (Skype, for example) endanger carriers' voice revenue and high-bandwidth apps burden their networks, what will become of the carriers' traditional business models?
Speakers: Vishwanath Alluri, CEO & Chairman, IMI Mobile.
Praveen Nallapothula,MD and CEO, TeleDNA.
Sanjay Swamy,CEO, Mchek.

12.15 PM to 1 .00 PM: PANEL DISCUSSION: LBS Challenge: Maximizing Revenue and Engaging the Consumer
2009 is said to be the year of monumental growth in the Location-Based Services (LBS) market. But where the LBS market is heading? With business investment is at an all time high, adequate technology is increasingly available, is the service is really witnessing high consumer demand? With 300 million LBS users expected by 2011 worldwide, Operators and service providers now need to take advantage of LBS as a central means of significant future revenue. What are the Challenges and pitfalls?
Prashant Dogra, Customer Marketing Manager, Navteq
Vishnu Sunderam, Co-founder CEO, Interchain Solutions
Selvamuthiah Somasundaram,Sr. VP & Co-Founder, Satnav
Shrinath V,GM, Product development, Mapmyindia

01.00 PM to 1.30 PM: Lunch

The Exhibiting companies will present their cool apps. Our judges will evaluate the best mobile applications created by these companies. The audience will vote. [25 companies will showcase their killer-apps for 5 mins each].
Judges: Sunil Rao,Developer Relations Manager, Forum Nokia.
Mohan Kumar, Executive Director, NVP India.
Amit Mehta,Head, Sales and Marketing, VAS, SDP and Mobility Group, TCS

03.30 PM to 4.00 PM: Keynote

04.00 PM to 04.45 PM: PANEL DISCUSSION: Mobile Marketing.
Organizations are no longer merely dipping their toe in the water, the major brands and advertisers now realize that mobile is the next big thing. But how do you execute mobile campaigns? How does all this work best on mobile? With mobile's segmented audience, you need to choose the right ways to market. How can mobile support traditional media, and what type of results can be achieved? Corporate leaders will share their experiences of how the big brands have turned mobile marketing to their advantage, providing insight to developers and technology providers who are looking to reach the mass market themselves.
Shanker Janakiraman, Director & CEO - India, Symbioun Technologies
Khamir Bhatia, Head of Sales - South Asia, InMobi
Mohan Kumar, Executive Director, NVP India

04.45 PM : Award presentation, Closing remarks.


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