Strange - to

Hi All,

As usual i was about to log in my facebook account.
Since im very lazy i just mistyped as and pressed the enter button.

For the first time it took me to

This page was greeting us and saying "We have partnered with leading consumer research
firms to improve your overall online experience.

And also it says "This promotion ends: Monday, October 11, 2010
Our program has shipped $247,752.76 in Cash."

In this page it asks about the sex and the age. Then i pressed "Claim Gift".

It took me to another page 

and was asking my card details. Since i'm not interested in this i just closed the tab.
I request you others to do that too.

It might be a Phishing site and i'm not sure about that. 

Also check what Geotool says about this site.

So don't mistype your URL as i did. டாட்
(எந்திரன் ஸ்டைல் :-))


Diego said…
Lol, this happened to me today. For a moment I thought it might be real, but when they asked for credit card, it became too suspicious. I should probably warn myself as well through my blog.

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