Transportation in Shillong

It can be classified into two major types
(1) Public transport
(2) Private transport

Meghalaya government runs different varieties of vehicles for mobility. It even includes one of the oldest TATA vehicle which will have engine at the front like old lorries. And the body of the bus is made of wood. I haven’t boarded this bus as it feels unsafe.
Next they have these modern days TATA morcopolo (Shillong Public transport service) and mini van (Shillong supplementary public transport service). In most of the public transport they are not at all giving any tickets. Even people don’t care to ask for ticket as he charges less price without ticket; we insisted for ticket and he gave us.
Meghalaya state bus

Private transport includes taxis like Maruthi 800, Alto and few Alto 800 cars. They also come in reserved and sharing mode. In sharing mode you can see upto 6 people inside alto.

One thing you can observe irrespective of public or private transport is the driver will switch off the engine whenever they see down steep road. And the gravity will drive us rather the engine :)


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