Fake call with the bank name - ICICI !!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Hope all are doing great. Here I have one more interesting thing which happened on 20th November. Very interesting and there was a chance of 99% that I would have trapped. Okay let me come to the action.

It was a fine Saturday. After updating some status in facebook, started to work. Few hours later I had a meeting with my senior. Time was around 1.01 PM sharp. My first mobile started to ring. Since it was unknown no i didn't mind kept it in silent. Again my another mobile started to ring.Again an unknown number but the same number which i got it in my first mobile. Since i was very lazy to attend the call i didn't care. Both the mobile started to ring one after another. Then i felt something was wrong. So asked permission from the people and went out to attend the call. 
A sweet voice from other side, greeted me and was saying that she’s calling from ICICI bank(talking in an hurry). To show that as if im busy i said, im in meeting please don't disturb at this time. (as every one do). She said “Sir this is very urgent. Some one has deposited 10 lakhs in your account. Can we know the reason for this much huge deposit from some one“. I was shocked to hear and after few seconds in heart i gave an evil smile. (he he he he he). Still I replied that i have no idea about that money. I or any of them from my circle had not deposited such a huge amount and im not aware of that. Also I added “please don’t disturb, im in an important meeting” and disconnected the call.

After few minutes, again a call came from the same number and asking my working details. I gave my work details (company name etc). I was in an oscillations, so I called my father and explained the scenario. He gave an answer that “Even though money credited to your account please return it back to the bank” and also he adviced me to talk to my brother. I called my brother and explained the scenario again. He asked whether I gave any details of my bank. Obviously the answer is no except the my work address. 

Then he asked me to call back that number. Simultaneously he was also trying. Now it’s a male voice saying that “ICICI bank help center how can I help you”. After that I was  clear that the call which I got was a fake call. THANK GOD I DIDN’T DISCLOSE ANY OF MY BANK DETAILS

Next step I called to the original customer care center of ICICI bank. And asked was there  any amount waiting for my authorization. He replied that “no thing like that sir”. Then I explained the things which happened. He congratulated me for not disclosing my bank details and added there was no number in ICICI branch from which the call I got.. Then I requested him to make a complaint on the same. He did. 

So even any one the reader got any call like this please disconnect and dial the original customer care service or just don’t reply. It was a very good experience for me. And I apologize for any grammatical mistake(which i used to do always) .  I'm sharing the number also. 

Landline : +912266152426.
Mobile : +919819719953

It might be a real call or even mistake call from ICICI bank or anything else. I’ll consider this as a fake call .


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