Visit to shiridi (5th Nov 2010)

Hello Everyone,

Nov 5th is deepavali. On account of that I and other two friends decided to visit shiridi sai baba manthir. Here I’ll share the experience with you people.

 Two of my colleagues / friends (Julius and cheran chengutavan) with a glass in the hand (filled with tea) decided to go shiridi and meet sai baba. Time is 7:28 PM. With the help of justdial service we got 5 different numbers for booking a cab. Within a minute or so an incoming call from XXXXX cab service and we booked a cab (indica) @ 9 PM for shiridi. We were happy and started to drink (remaining tea) again.
Mean time we were getting ready. Again a call came. This time it is the cab driver and im attending the call. He started to talk in hindi. I gave the mobile to Julius (team lead of this team) and he gave a big smile (even he doesn’t understand hindi). Only hero is cheran. Driver and cheran stated to talk as time went the conversation was turning like a fight. The reason is, cab driver’s wife is also willing to visit shiridi and she’ll also join the cab. (enna koduma saravanan sir ithu). Time is 9.20 PM but actual plan is to start at 9 PM.

Then we went to malad station since there might be any travels. And also we were calling to other numbers  which justdial provided. At last we booked two cabs again, one from my mobile and another from Julius mobile and the plan is to select a cab which comes first. Now time is around 10:33PM and the horrible incident happened. That was an accident. Fast and furious bike hit a child. The child was thrown at least 7 yards from the hit (actually there was no wrong with the bike; it was the child which ran in the main road).  The child is in the edge of its life.

I felt really very bad because booked cab was cancelled, recently booked 2 two cabs are getting delayed and I saw blood in front of me.  Due to theses reason I thought of quitting the plan and informed this to Julius. Julius smiled and said “kavala padatha nammaluku evalavu thadai vanthalum shiridi poyaetheerom”.

Meaning – Don’t worry, we are reaching shiridi at any cost.

These words gave me the confidence and I was back to form again.

Now time is around 11:20. Two mobiles are ringing at same time. We picked our respective mobile. The other side is, two different cab drivers saying that they have reached malad station and asking where we are. “marupadiyum enna koduma saravanan sir ithu”. Then there was a competition between two drivers and the cab with the number 4216 won the race and cab with number 4219 lost. Lost cab driver is demanding money for cancellation. We didn’t care him and we started from malad station to shiridi Time is 11:42PM “hurray”.

Now its 6th Nov 2AM. Driver was requesting that he needs to sleep. So we went to a dhaba and he started to sleep inside the car. Till 3:45 AM we were talking about many topics. After that we waked up our driver and started our journey again.

Time is 7 AM and the happy news is we reached shiridi. Before I get down from the car I was feeling like I have achieved some thing.  Opposite to us was XXXX bank ATM. Card was inserted and all formalities were over. Instead of money, bill paper co mes out with printed words as TRANSACTION DECLINED. Might be due to some problem and we went to nearest ATM and we got the same response. 9 ATM’s  gave same response. One bank’s ATM management is very good and they had a board with the message as “OUT OF SERVICE”. Nearly 2.5 kms we were walking and we saw another ATM, which was the last ATM in shiridi. We both have less than 1000 rupees. With full enthusiasm we entered into that ATM. At last GOD saved us. We saw Gandhiji smiling in the rupee notes. We also had a big smile.  Time is 8:20AM nearly 1 hour we were searching for working ATM.

At last we booked a room and started to sleep till 9.30AM.

After we relaxed, thought to go start to temple. We both were ready, but cheran was sleeping still. I tried to wake him nearly for 10 minutes and even tried many techniques but everything went vain. So I and Julius started. Somehow we found the entrance. Since mobile is not allowed inside the temple we handed it to devasthanam mobile hub for Rs 2/- per mobile.

We have reached the queue. First we reached a big hall which has 5 columns.  Each column was separated by a metal divider. People were very enthusiastic to see sai baba so they were just jumping the columns instead of walking. But naanga nalla pasanga, so erikuthikala, nadanthu than ponom. J J

At last we saw sai baba. Not much crowd. I could hear many telugu voices. Then we came out from manthir. Booked 3 tickets for Mumbai. Bus started at 3.15 PM. And we reached around 11:30PM. On the way we bought noodles as well as vegetables for dinner. I found new way of making noodles with vegetables. It was very very nice. Other two said that they feel the same.

Any how the trip started in very bad manner and ended in a fantastic manner. If you people get a chance please go and visit shiridi and do not repeat the mistakes that we did. That is the main aim of this blog. 

Thanks a lot for reading this blog.

SAI BABA KI JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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