Sightseeing in Meghalaya

Day 1:

It is better to book a day package through megalaya tourism department. They have varieties of package. First day we didn’t know about that, so we booked a private taxi for local sightseeing. We went to

      (1)    Cathedral church

 (     2)    Hydari park (nothing much inside except play areas for children and few animals)
      (3)    Elephant falls
a.       It is a nice waterfalls very near to the city. Since we went on December the flow of water is very less. Apart from the waterfall, we spent more time in dressing up ourselves in Kashi tribal attire. Yes, there is a shop where we can rent Kashi dress with all accessories for Rs50/- and can take as much photo as we want. This was a real fun there.

(      4)    Shillong peak
a.       It is the highest peak point in the state and we get a complete view of the city. Don’t forget to take a panoramic photo here. It was lunch time and we were hungry; in the near by shop they serves poori-sabji, rice-dal, maggi, pakora, cut fruits, chai. Even here there was a shop to rent kashi dress.

 (     5)    Airforce museum
      (6)    Don-bosco museum
a.       7 stories museum covers the history, culture, musical instruments, weapons, dresses of all the state in north east.

Day 2:

For the second day, we booked tickets in Meghalaya tourism for Cherrapunjee package and they covered below places. Cherrapunjee is to the south of Shillong and is also called as Sohra.

     (1)    Mawkdok valley
a.       It has beautiful scenic view. And here is where most kashi movie will be made. Near to it we have zipper ride.

     (2)    Eco park
     (3)    Nohsngithiang falls
a.       It is also called as seven sisters falls. Because from the view point we can see seven beautiful falls. Since we went on winter we could not see the water flow, in monsoon it will splendid view to our eyes. In northeast they refer another group as seven sisters and it is the group of north east states. Assam, Megalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal, Mizoram as seven sisters. Also they call Sikkim as adopted sister.
    (4)    Ramkrishna mission
a.       There is a small museum on northeast culture, history and more
    (5)    Mawsmai caves
a.       It is a natural caves and inside you can see lots of shining rocks and natural sculptures. All these are because of the minerals in that rock. Water was dripping inside the cave.

    (6)    Mottrop
a.       Here we can see a rock in the inverted kashi basket position. And also we can see the Bangladesh landscape from this place.

    (7)    Thangkharang park
a.       We have not went inside this park. It is more like a picnic spot, it is more crowded than other place we visited. Lots of school excursion vehicles are there. Also people came with all the cooking utensils and were cooking for their lunch. We entered a small shop (BK Phanbuh) to have tea, the owner is very welcoming and offered fried cake which was very tasty and asked for one more.

    (8)    Nohkalikai falls


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