Food in Meghalaya

Majority of Meghalaya dishes are non-vegetarian. Their major food is with pork, chicken etc., Since we are vegetarians we have not tasted. For veg only few options are left but it is good.

For breakfasts local people mostly eat poori-sabji, paratha-sabji, bread-omelet, jalebi, sooji, tea, coffee.

We liked veg momos very much. I have tried it in Bangalore but momos in Shillong tastes different and so good. Also we tried vegetable chops, it is like a cutlet but it is deep fry. Samosa and puff are available. They call samosa as Singara and puff as pop.

It is their custom to have betel leaf and betel nut after every meal. The kashi people always have bettle leaf and nut with them and have it often. Even we can see many road side shops which sells betel leaf and nuts. The nuts are called as sopla in local language.

We tried following restaurant and are good
(1) Hotel City hub – ambience and varieties of food is good, you can try some dish in Bamboo shoot which is Naga/Burmese food
(2) Hotel Broadway
(3) Madras café – for south Indian foods. The owner is from Trichy city in Tamil Nadu. Taste is not exactly same as Tamil Nadu food but better Tamil Nadu food when compared to other hotels. Even you can try Dosa in Regal restaurant. 
For TamilNadu style food

(4) Café Shillong – very less options for vegetarians
(5) Dejavu

If you want try authentic kashi food then must go hotel is Trarroria in police bazzar. The restaurant looks like a canteen/mess inside; they have bench and table for eating.
Rice is the staple food in Megalaya and their rice is very small, it is called Jowai (is name of the place in Jaintia hills) rice.

Authentic Kashi food hotel

Pineapple and orange are cultivated locally and it tastes nice. Many roadside shop sells orange and cut pine apple to try. Teas are not cultivated successfully in Meghalaya but the horticulture department is doing some research on it.


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