Trip to Mawlynnong

Day 3:

It is third day of our trip and we planned to visit Living root bridge and Mawlynnong. The Megalaya tourism didn’t provide tourist bus to this place instead they offer only reserved vehicle which will be costly. So we hired local taxi.

It will be some 3 hours journey and it is better to have breakfast in Shillong only as there is no good restaurant on the way. On our way there is a beautiful view point called Rngain view point, so we stopped the vehicle and took few snaps. First we went to Living Root Bridge in Riwai village, there are lots of living root bridge in Megalaya but this is the nearest one from Shillong. Since it is winter there is not much of water flowing below the bridge so we went down and took lots of photographs. It was an amazing work done by kashi tribal people to build a natural bridge which will take centuries to see the result.

Rngain view point
Living Root Bridge in Riwai Village

After that we went to Mawlynnong which earned the distinction as the cleanest village in Asia. This village has 100% literacy and they maintain the cleanliness of the village. It is Sunday afternoon and there are many tourist came to visit the village. There are many hotels inside the village but most of them have a ‘Sunday Closed’ hanging board. So only couple of hotels were serving the guests. We waited for long time and had our food. After having food we walk through the streets of the village, there is one beautiful church in the village.  There is one sky-view of Bangladesh point, this they have built on top of the tree. We need to climb the artificial bamboo ramp to reach the top of the tree. Once we reach the top we can see beautiful landscapes of Bangladesh. From Mawlynnong, Bangladesh is just 8km away.
Landscapes of Bangladesh
Tip: Turn off your 2G/3G internet connection in your mobile when you reach Mawlynnong village. Because my friend received a message 'Welcome to Bangladesh' from his network operator. If we use data packets then it will charged as International roaming price.


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